Ester Partegàs

Ester Partegàs is a visual artist and educator. Born in La Garriga, Barcelona, in 1972, she lives and works in New York City and Marfa. From August 9-13 she'll be exhibiting a series of eight new works on public notice boards throughout Marfa, and Sunday, August 13 at 3:00pm she'll be giving a talk in the Crowley Theater.


Mark So

Mark So is a composer and performer based in Los Angeles. An installation of his Ashbery series will be on view in a building at the southwest corner of the intersection of South Kelly Street and West Dallas Street, from 9:00am-9:00pm on throughout the festival, and the multi-tape piece Flow Chart (using John Ashbery's poem) will be presented at that location from 1:00pm-4:00pm, August 11. On August 13 from 11:00am-1:00pm at Ice Cream University (700 North Fourth Street), So will stage a performance of That thicket is already gone. (Some Trees) with local performers, and there will be a book launch for a box of wind: Ashbery Series.


Kyle Schlesinger

Poet, printer, and publisher Kyle Schlesinger will deliver a talk, "How Words Work in Pictures," at the Crowley Theater, Friday, August 11 at 4:00pm.